Anti-Feminist Tweetbag: Illegible Cowboy Edition

We already have our Anti-Feminist Mailbag series, but when Miriam brought this gem to my attention, I could not turn down the opportunity to bring our Twitter haters into the mix. Because who could resist a guy who photoshops his face onto a shirtless cowboy picture? *Swoon*

It’s the little things that make me thankful to be a blogger.

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  • Mirandom

    “Smarter then a three piece suit.” Sir, I’m pretty sure you’ve proven that you are not, in fact, smarter than an article of clothing.

  • Ramey

    “Smarter then a 3 piece suit”?

    …Smarter THEN? No. Smarter THAN.

    And, obviously not.

  • Sam Lindsay-Levine

    Maybe he means that once he is smarter, then he will be able to wear a three piece suit.

    Hopefully he doesn’t get too cold with no shirt on because I’m guessing it will be a while.

  • Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz

    What is he even babbling about? So Feministing set up a Twitter account. It takes all of 5 minutes to register, fill in your profile information, and pick a background design on there. The fact that he sees setting Twitter as something that would take as much concentration as a full-time job? I can only guess this speaks volumes about the difficulties HE has with it! As does the general coherency of his tweet.

  • E

    I tried to read it as, “Smarter, THEN three piece suit,” but realized the whole thing lacks verbs.

    Obviously he thinks tweeting is a girly girly waste of girly girly time. Why, you could be doing much nobler, more manly activities! Like badly photoshopping your head onto various physiques engaging in rugged activities! But then he would probably cry, “LESBIANNNN!” so you’d better photoshop your head on a picture of someone making their husband dinner.