Pat Robertson’s logic about abortion and women.

Pat Robertson is evergreen blog fodder, because when I am struggling with finding something to write about, I know I can count on him to have said something that will make us LOL and give us a taste of the profound ignorance that resides between his ears. According to a clip of him from the 700 Club, the reason that the left supports funding for Planned Parenthood is because of our “culture of death.” Our “culture of death” allows women to lesbians which puts women on a level playing field. Hey, I can’t make this shit up.

What Patty is trying to saying but not able to articulate is that being a woman means you have to be a baby farm and so when you are not living up to your biologically predetermined role as a womb–you are obviously a lesbian. I appreciate how powerful he thinks being a lesbian is (I mean hey, there are some pretty damn powerful lesbians out there), but sadly, we have learned it is going to take a lot more than that to convince the right that our god given destiny is not to sit home pregnant with no recourse.

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