Pat Robertson’s logic about abortion and women.

Pat Robertson is evergreen blog fodder, because when I am struggling with finding something to write about, I know I can count on him to have said something that will make us LOL and give us a taste of the profound ignorance that resides between his ears. According to a clip of him from the 700 Club, the reason that the left supports funding for Planned Parenthood is because of our “culture of death.” Our “culture of death” allows women to lesbians which puts women on a level playing field. Hey, I can’t make this shit up.

What Patty is trying to saying but not able to articulate is that being a woman means you have to be a baby farm and so when you are not living up to your biologically predetermined role as a womb–you are obviously a lesbian. I appreciate how powerful he thinks being a lesbian is (I mean hey, there are some pretty damn powerful lesbians out there), but sadly, we have learned it is going to take a lot more than that to convince the right that our god given destiny is not to sit home pregnant with no recourse.

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  • Shelly

    So I suppose that means, by his warped and twisted logic, that all infertile women who can’t conceive, all women who have to have a total hysterectomy, and all women who are past menopause and never had children are automatically lesbians, too. Patty’s full of it, isn’t he?

    As for a “culture of death”? Errrr, does he remember his golden boy — as in, our last president — got us into TWO perpetual wars that have sent lord-knows-how-many soldiers and innocents to their deaths? Oh, wait, that’s okay because he was a “Christian” (quotes intentional) and, I believe Patty once said, “God is pro-war”. *rolls eyes* Not to mention our current president is looking to continue the trend.

    “Meet the new boss / Same as the old boss.”

  • Meredith Wilson

    Hi feministing–
    I want to get involved on the state level to push back against the anti-choice, abortion restriction legislation that’s cropping up. Does anybody know of any groups that are doing this kind of local government work that I can get in touch with?

    • PDX

      Hi Meredith!

      NARAL is the political arm of the pro-choice movement, so contacting your local chapter will give you options regarding getting involved!

  • nazza

    Yeah, that’s pretty ignorant right there.

  • janet

    Did…he just say…straight women kill babies so that they can…level the playing field with lesbians? Is that what he just said? I don’t…under…stand…

  • Shannon Drury

    As I always say, I’d rather a bigot think I’m a lesbian than a lesbian think I’m a bigot.

    • Jessica “Jess” Victoria Carillo

      I gotta say. Thanks to him I’m so glad to be a lesbian if it means I’m not married, related, or aquainted with him

    • Jacob

      New favorite quote

  • Ariadne

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Wow. Where do I even begin? Is there anything in there that was accurate? There exist in this world people on the left, women, and some of those women are married and some are lesbians, but I think that’s where the accuracy or factually based portion of his “statement” ends.

    BTW the #prochoice battle on Twitter is getting … rather ridiculous. Would y’all mind coming on over and helping me calmly explain to the anti-choicers why Planned Parenthood is a good thing, Hitler aborting non white kids is just as antichoice as outlawing abortion, and adoption is sometimes an option but not for a kid that will die within ten minutes of being born? I’m getting constant angry tweets from these guys (yeah, mostly guys saddly) and I could use some more calm measured support on the prochoice side.

  • Susan C Mitchell

    Pat Robertson is, in a very literal sense, anti-choice — more anti-choice than he is anti-abortion. Bear in mind, this man has vocally endorsed China’s “one-child” policy including its mandate for forced abortions! He’s vehemently opposed to women choosing for themselves whether to continue a pregnancy or not, but he’s absolutely fine with that decision — either decision — being forced on her against her will. For Pat Robertson, abortion is fine — regrettable, but fine — as long as it’s not a woman’s own choice.

  • natasha

    I think this is a perfect example of what the anti-choice position is. There is actually a lot less talk about the “culture of death” as he called it, and way more talk of heterosexual women trying to be on a “level playing field”, he said with lesbians, but it’s a given that he means having equality of opportunities for careers with men. The biggest point he made was it is sinful for a woman to control and decide when and if she has children. Then, when she can decide that, she can control more of her life and future. Even though he didn’t mention birth control, I’m sure he’d be against that too, because that’s what this is all about, not wanting women to have control over their reproduction, even when it could help prevent abortion.

  • trish

    Since when can’t lesbians have children?

  • Natalie-Marie

    Dear Pat-

    Lesbians can have babies.


    • anyadnight

      This will blow. his. mind.