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Has anyone noticed the #prochoice twitter hashtag has been nearly completely highjacked by anti-choicers? Time to rumble, people.

More funding for state programs that assist people with developmental disabilities are being cut, this time in Illinois.

Know a women doing incredible work in the social justice movement? Nominate her (or yourself!) for a $10,000 award by the Berger-Marks Foundation.

Awesome: The early women’s movement against street harassment. (via)

Kathryn Joyce’s fascinating (and unsettling) piece at The Nation on the evangelical adoption movement.

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    Love Geena Davis. I played softball from the age of 9, so growing up, A League of Their Own was by far one of my favorite movies. I think it was the first DVD I actually owned.

    I definitely think positive images of women in media will go a huge way to helping young girls’ self esteem.

    Rock on Geena Davis!

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    i’ve been putting off starting a twitter account but this is all the more reason to start one!

    • Posted April 24, 2011 at 8:18 pm | Permalink

      Valerie, I opened a twitter account and almost never use it. I’ve been on it more since reading this than I have been in months. I might swing by the hasgtag later on tonight as well.

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