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Undocumented immigrants pay way more taxes than, oh, General Electric, for example.

Jocelyn Elders puts Congress on blast. And in case you were wondering if some politicians are bat shit racist.

How healthcare reform affects nursing moms.

Are we outgrowing how we grow?

Tell the girls in your life to enter New Moon’s Inner Beauty Uncontest. And for grown ups, Sayantani DasGupata does it again.

Free music is sweet. Check out this new all-female music sampler from Utne.

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  • http://feministing.com/members/goldenrings/ Alyssa

    I’m usually a lurker, but I wanted to comment on something I really think you missed–Grete Waitz died today of cancer at the age of 57. Grete Waitz, for those who don’t know, was a pioneering women’s distance runner, and quite possibly the greatest marathoner of all time–she won the New York City Marathon 9 times in ten years in the 70s and 80s. She made it possible for women to be marathoners, and she made the New York Marathon what it is today. Grete Waitz changed the course of women’s sports and women’s lives forever, and I think the New York Times article summer it up best: all women runners can say that because of her, there is an “us.”

  • beet

    I’m not sure if this was missed but– a man got away with 100+ rapes because the victims were too ashamed to go to the police. They were also economically underprivileged.