The most frequently challenged book is about gay penguins

Cover of And Tango Makes Three

Alex from the Bilerico Project shares the news that And Tango Makes Three, a book about two male penguins who take care of a baby penguin, is one of the most frequently challenged books according to the American Library Association.

There is nothing more scary than gay penguins! Hide your kids folks.

Alex hits the nail on the head about where these fears come from:

Somehow people have come to believe that heterosexuality, which children are bombarded with daily in all its forms, is not a sexual orientation and has nothing to do with sex. The parents from the Berenstein Bears don’t set off alarms, but Tango’s parents do. The solution is to perhaps just remind straight people that they can’t write heterosexual without “sex.”

Ironically, Tango’s parents didn’t have to have sex to parent Tango, unlike most of the heterosexual parents in children’s books.

I could think of many things that I wouldn’t want my kids to see (if I had kids). A fictional story about gay penguin parents? For sure not on the list.

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