Anti-Feminist Mailbag: commie, race war edition

Yesterday was one of those days in ye ole inbox, so I thought I’d revive our favorite tradition of republishing and making fun of the inevitable hate mail one receives when saying wild and crazy feminist and/or progressive things like “racism exists” or “women are people.” The first one comes from, I kid you not, a dude named Bob Quack. Quack is referring, by the way, to my column this week on the reclamation of the American Dream:

Wow I always like to read what so called intellectual progressives write and think it is enlightening and kind of sad. Your article was just a rewrite of the same old race war that Liberals have to keep stoking the flames on. Blacks have just as much opportunity (if not more) than white or Hispanics or Asians, its just that the non-black are more likely to take these opportunities and run with them. Blacks have been used by Liberals for decades and decades and know they are dependant on Federal hand-outs.

I’ll tell you one thing, my arms are seriously tired from stoking those race war flames. Especially since Obama got into office and racism ended. It’s gotten way harder to find statistics on health or income disparities (like, oh, even from our own federal government) since all this health care and recession mumbo jumbo hit the airwaves, Internets, and every other easily available source known to “man” (even men as daft as Quack here, who emailed me from this work email address, so what choice did I have but to forward his rant on to his supervisors?).

This next one is from a repeat customer, and one who apparently has gotten into lots of other trouble according to a quick Google search. I’d rather not create any kind of ongoing relationship with this fella, so I’ll leave his name off, but will let you enjoy the succinct and creative message he sent along:

Hey Bitch, Sociology Major. Major commie Pinko assfucked slut. Ha ha.

Okay, so I’m obviously a Communist slut, but Sociology Major? I’m seriously offended. I’ll have you know that I was a Political Science/Sociology Double Major Sergeant A-hole. Oh, and I got one of those Commie Pinko post-modern masters degrees from NYU, too. Better recognize.

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