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President Obama has announced his re-election campaign.

Sweet: Pro-choice activists covered up the recent Obama anti-choice billboards in Chicago.

As most of you may know, Terry Jones’ burning of the Quran resulted in protests in Afghanistan on Friday that led to 16 deaths and dozens injured. Harry Reid said that congressmembers will be investigating Jones’ actions.

A new study suggests that breastmilk may contain indicators for breast cancer risk.

Princess boot camp? Really?

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  • http://feministing.com/members/sandra/ SamBarge

    Terry Jones is a nutcase, there is no doubt. If his actions led some of his followers to violence against Muslims, then I would completely agree with calls to charge him with a hate crime.

    But, surely no one is suggesting that Jones made Muslims in Afghanistan attack and kill UN workers? The people who went on the murderous rampage chose to kill people unrelated to Jones and his church (they weren’t even all Americans) to prove what point, exactly? That Islam is a religion of peace and you better not burn our book and make us prove it again.

    If we want to assign blame to someone who isn’t Muslim, then why stop at Jones? How did Afghanis even find out about the burning? Maybe we should charge the media with spreading hateful stories that will upset people. Who sold Jones the book that he burnt? Perhaps we should charge that book seller for not ascertaining that the Qu’ran would be treated with respect before they sold it. What about the match and/or lighter manufacturers? When we’re talking about securing religious sensibilities, we can’t be too careful.