President Obama’s face used on most recent anti-choice billboard campaign

Just when you think they couldn’t stoop any lower.

President Obama's face with the message "Every 21 seconds our next possible leader is aborted"

This is the image that, according to the Huffington Post, is set to appear on 30 billboards in the South side of Chicago, President Obama’s political home.

There are so many huge issues facing our world today that could be addressed with the thousands of dollars going into these billboards. Maternal mortality. Fetal mortality. Appallingly high rates of incarceration. Poverty. Violence. Environmental disasters. War. Focusing so exclusively on the choices of women is appallingly misogynist, and their focus on the choices of black women is appallingly racist.

For background on the movement behind these billboards, check out my article for Colorlines.

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  • chelsa

    I just want to shake people:

    “And every few seconds, out future leader is naturally and spontaneously aborted. Every few seconds, or future leader is killed in a car accident. Every few minutes, our future leader doesn’t get the college grant that would get her the career that leads to presidency. Get over yourselves.”

  • Lauren

    Disgusting: racist, dismissive of women’s intelligence, idiotic in its faith that unwanted children will pull their bootstraps en masse despite declining resources for education and for families who need help.

    This anti-choice angle is also very disturbing because it is fundamentally an argument against contraception as well. Choosing to have fewer children or no children at all? “Silly women, you’re destroying society!”

  • Jessica “Jess” Victoria Carillo

    Every second a future great leader isn’t elected because of backwards thinking people like you (anti-choice).

  • E

    “Every few minutes, our future leader doesn’t get the college grant that would get her the career that leads to presidency.” Fantastic point!

    I don’t understand how this is racist, though. If they were specifically targeting black women like the disgusting ad about “the most dangerous place for an African American,” then I would agree. But Barack Obama’s mother is white.

  • E

    Actually, I’d like to modify my comment a bit. There’s a very high likelihood that black mothers are indeed the target, and the billboard makers are hiding behind that subtle technicality. I just thought it important to acknowledge that not every person of colour has a black mother. We’re all in this together! An attack on women of colour is an attack on everyone.

    • Miriam

      You’re right E, and I thought about that as well. Obama’s mother is white. But this string of billboards, and the people behind them, are usually targeting black women by talking about black genocide specifically. I guess the idea is that even white mothers can be part of holding back the black community. It’s just all sorts of screwed up, no matter how you look at it.

    • Jessica “Jess” Victoria Carillo

      Actually you make a good point E, don’t doubt yourself

  • viviana

    This needs to stop. An irreverent side of me would just like to turn this into an ad about immigration and paint “deported” over aborted.

  • Casey

    “Every 21 seconds, our next possible serial killer is aborted.”

    “Every 21 seconds, our next possible child rapist is aborted.”

    “Every 21 seconds, our next possible terrorist is aborted.”

    …Yeah. Don’t hear much about THAT side of the story, do we?

    • nicolechat

      Every 21 seconds, our next possible abortion provider is aborted.

      ^^and, in fact, any random fetus is much more likely to become an abortion provider than president.

  • Bakka

    The math is way off on that. You would also have to factor in the probability of becoming the leader, which is not very high given the number of people who are US-born citizens vs. the number who become president. If the ad is targeting women of colour then this probability would be even lower since there has only been one black president. And for all abortions, you could immediately reduce that by half since only men have been president so far…

  • Sebastian

    You can navel-gaze about how races will interpret the campaign. Or you can call them out on this.

    Anti-abortionists only care about children, or people for that matter, when they’re in the womb. Otherwise they don’t want to pay for prenatal care, the economic safety net, foster care, adoption funding, child welfare, education, preschool, school lunches, health care, or anything that has to do before and after the child is born.

    They’re not pro-lifers. They’re “Pro 9-months of Lifers”. The faster you communicate that in a campaign, the faster they lose the moral ground they teeter on.