Haitians in the US being deported for minor offenses

Following the earthquake and cholera outbreak in Haiti last year Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said they would temporarily halt the already problematic practice of deporting Haitians living in the US who are convicted of misdemeanor and drug offenses. However, ICE resumed deportations in January despite still horrific conditions in Haiti. Those being deported include people who have grown up in the US and know it as their home. Many of the offenses are minor. And what they are being met with in Haiti is unconscionable, from being locked up in jails the ACLU calls “dungeon-like” to dying of cholera.

A powerful video from the New York Times tells the story some of the people who have been deported and the advocates in the US fighting to stop this practice. Please watch the video and take action to stop this despicable practice.

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