Response from Dillards re: Anti-Choice Fundraiser

I used SisterSong’s activist alert function yesterday to send a comment to Dillard’s notifying the store it had lost my business because of its decision to sponsor a fundraiser benefiting the ad firm that develops the offensive, race-baiting billboards popping up across the country. While the response was that Dillard’s is not a sponsor, there is no indication Dillard’s will withdraw its participation from the event, which comes in the way of providing merchandise for a fashion show.

Dillard’s is not a sponsor of this event.  The publicity incorrectly implied that Dillard’s is a sponsor.  We are a fashion retailer providing merchandise for a fashion show which we frequently do for a variety of organizations in the communities that we serve.  Dillard’s does not take any position with respect to social or political issues. We deeply respect the diverse points of view held by our customers and associates.  We sincerely regret that a store manager, without prior authorization, allowed a contrary impression to be created. To the extent that this has offended anyone, we apologize.


My original comments, to which I received a response in less than 24 hours:

You’ve lost my business until further notice. By sponsoring a fundraiser
for anti-abortion rights group Heroic Media to fuel its ad campaign. Heroic Media created an offensive anti-abortion billboard campaign that targeted Black women in New York and Florida for the past year. Next month at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Houston, anti-abortion rights advocates will gather for two hours of prayer, lunch and spring wear because of Dillard’s Memorial City of Houston, which will be fitting a team of 10 Heroic Media supporters to model nautical-themed outfits — all to raise money that will fuel an anti-abortion campaign in the Houston area.

If Dillard’s so vehemently opposes abortion that it will underwrite a fundraiser to support efforts to end this legal practice, then Dillard’s can afford to lose not only my business, but the business of one out of every three U.S. women who have abortions by the time they turn 45 and the 54% of Americans who believe abortion should be

Which 1/3 of your women’s customer base are you judging? Which 54%
of your total customer base can you afford to do without?

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