What We Missed

It’s Pi Day people! We’ve got some pretty serious math wizards and pie lovers, (okay, maybe more the latter, but we support women rockin’ it STEM-style) in the Feministing crew. Here are our faves: Chloe=pecan, Lori=strawberry rhubarb, Courtney=cherry, Vanessa=pecan, Jos=pear with gruyere crust, Samhita=apple, Maya=raspberry, Foxy=apple, Anna=sweet potato, and Miriam=banana cream.

Sounds like the Women in the World Summit was a big hit.

The  New York Review of Books reports on the appallingly low conviction rates for sexual assaults of inmates.

Dowser looks at a cool women-led, sun-powered collective.

Jacki Zehner’s take on the Women World Wide conference in Chicago last week.

And on the topic of wealth, GOOD on Americans’ wild imaginations when it comes to who has it.

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