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Today is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. The Positive Women’s Network has put out a study assessing rights abuses of positive women. Also, Nancy Goldstein on how Congressional cuts to the health budget will impact women and girls with HIV/AIDS.

Rep. Peter King is holding hearings in the House Homeland Security Committee today on the “radicalization” of Islam in the United States, singling out the Muslim American community. Rep. Keith Ellison, the first elected Muslim American, broke into tears during testimony talking about a Muslim American first responder who died to save Americans on 9/11. Rep. Mike Honda has denounced the hearings saying they are scarily reminiscent of the unlawful targeting of Japanese Americans during WWII. And Adam Serwer points out that the Obama administration response to terrorism is not that different from the Republican one. (Also, Happy Birthday Adam!!)

Rinku Sen on five South Asian activists you should know about. And she carefully left herself out, but let’s go ahead and say it’s six. You can read her Feministing Five here.

A little unknown piece of the union-busting bill passed in the Wisconsin State Senate yesterday–if an employee strikes or walks out, they can be fired.

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  • beet

    Niall Ferguson has an article up on Newsweek where he peddles the yellow peril, implying that because there is a gender balance in China, the young men will become violent, and turn to European and Japanese-style imperial expansion. Rather than use the statistic as the starting point of a discussion about gender, he concludes “lock up your daughters.” As not all Newsweek readers, are, in fact, Western, and some, are, in fact of Chinese descent, the advice to “lock up your daughters” would not make sense even in Niall Ferguson’s twisted logic? And as China has historically been a victim of both European and Japanese imperialism, including Niall Ferguson’s native Britain, this article is offensive and racist on multiple levels.