International body image activism movement launches in London

As mentioned before, I’ve been devoting a lot of my energy and time for the last year and a half to organizing a summit on body image activism in New York City, March 18/19 at The New School. The New York crew (basically myself and The Women’s Therapy Centre Institute) has been working in partnership with four other groups in London, Buenos Aires, Sao Paolo, and Melbourne. Our ultimate goal is to harvest all the brightest ideas and biggest desires from these five summits (all taking place in March), and collaborate on an international, world-changing campaign.

Well the London summit started it all last week with a series of short talks, panels, and performances that truly rocked. Thankfully, those of us who couldn’t afford to puddle jump across the Atlantic have a chance to soak it all up via podcast here. And check out Emma Thompson’s sincere support of the effort:

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