What We Missed

Melissa Harris-Perry illuminates what’s really behind the GOP’s agenda: removing women from the public sphere. Also check out her post from earlier this week about the end of black history month.

Today marks twenty years to the day from the Rodney King police brutality incident. Anna Clark reflects on the anniversary.

Check out this awesome women of color environmental and reproductive justice conference: Kinks, Locks and Twists, coming up in Pittsburgh.

Bryce Covert at The Nation talks about how the impending state budget cuts are going to mean more job losses for women.

A lesbian couple in Tennessee whose house was burned down in an act of homophobic arson is having trouble getting their home insurance to cover their claim. Sign this petition to support them.

Dana Goldstein argues that internet pornography has nothing to do with the social trends affecting sex and marriage, despite everyone’s claims to the contrary.

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