This is what a pro-choice rally looks like.

What an incredible day. A reported 6,000 people came to the Rally for Women’s Health in NYC this Saturday. Here’s a slideshow with some highlights, although we weren’t close enough to get pics of the speakers and performers. You can find some of those here. Some of my fave speakers were Jamia Wilson, Anthony Weiner, Yvette Clark, Kathleen Hanna and Amanda Marcotte.

For those who participated in the Walks for Choice across the country, please share how your events went in comments or write about them on the Community blog! More coverage to come.

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  • Emma

    Great job guys! Solidarity from London.

  • lizvelrene

    Many photos and videos from the Boston event (around a thousand people!) at

  • Zoe

    It was an amazing time! I heard we got 300 people out in Seattle but it felt like more. Here’s a Flickr group for all the Walk for Choice pictures:

  • Jessica “Jess” Victoria Carillo

    Just in time! A church sermon had announced “40 Days for Life”, as opposed to “At least 40 Days for Having a Life.” The rally looks fun, not to belittle it, but because a anti-choice protester I met a long time ago (long story) would stand with a sign yelling at the local Family Planning Clinic.

  • Lauren

    We came all the way from Cornell to be at this rally and loved every second of it. We can’t wait to see you in Ithaca on Wednesday!

  • Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz

    We were at the New York rally, as were a few other members of our art collective. It was fantastic! I was so happy to see the huge turnout and see how much support there was for Planned Parenthood!

    Didn’t see the Feministing crew, but we ran into some other art and filmmaking types who I respect, which made me happy.