In their words.

Trigger warning

The words from this video were taken directly from the legal complaint against the Pentagon over their failure to respond to the sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape that the 15 plantiffs (and so many more) experienced while in the military. As upsetting as it is, I thought it was really powerful and had to be shared.

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  • Taylor

    I read about this recently in my current affairs class and was completely appalled. How in anyone’s right mind is this acceptable? I also read that one woman who reported a rape was eventually discharged due to “having inappropriate relationships”. How can our country, known for having such a strong military, allow this to happen and look the other way? These horrifying stories are not those of a strong military. Women need to be respected. They are risking their lives, just as the men are. It literally breaks my heart knowing that this is going on and no one is stopping it. When will it end?

  • charish

    All of those were painful to read, but I’m glad I did. My older sister has been a Marine for nearly 20 years and although she’s a tough lady, I know she fights hard to been treated equally in a “man’s man” world. I say good luck to those women who struggle even harder just to protect our country.

  • Kitty

    This is very sad. It reveals the the systemic and persistent nature of gender inequality and violence against people perceived to not belong in places like the military. Thank you for sharing this.