House votes to defund Planned Parenthood; I am livid

Despite the impassioned testimony of many lawmakers, on Friday the House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to eliminate Title X funding, which supported clinics and programs that provide contraception and basic gynecological care to low-income women. This bill (which I like to call the “Anti-Pap Smear and Anti-Contraception Act” or the “Encouraging Teen STDs Act“) passed with the inclusion of an amendment by Rep. Mike Pence that specifically targets Planned Parenthood, denying the organization all federal funding.

Watch me sputter in anger on national television when Chris Hayes asks me about this bill:

Ann Friedman MSNBC Live 2011-02-18
Transcript here.

If you’re on Twitter, folks have been using the hashtag #thanksPPFA to talk about times when Planned Parenthood was there for them. My core lady Jeanne Brooks has posted a roundup of #thanksPPFA tweets. Her own story is awesome:

As for me, when I was unemployed, uninsured and had an infection, Planned Parenthood treated me for $25 when the treatment should have cost over $300. I took the $300 I saved and bought a plane ticket to interview for what would become my first job in DC. #thanksPPFA!

And if you have some spare cash, now would be a good time to donate it to Planned Parenthood, ideally in the name of Rep. Mike Pence.

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  • Shannyn

    OMFG. I am LIVID too… I hope those who voted for this can walk around with a yeast infection they can’t afford to treat, or find a lump they’re too afraid to seek professional advice about.

    I am not going to say whether abortion is right or wrong, but I cannot stand for people to demonize PP for offering an ARRAY of services that help women (even if it includes terminating a pregnancy). Nobody takes that decision lightly- and to downplay the emotion women feel when choosing (or not choosing) to end a pregnancy is sickening.

    Lots of us don’t have health insurance (something many of the people that voted to end funding for PP also have cared less about) so we have to go somewhere for Pap smears and cancer screenings.

    I want to know what to do!

  • Matt

    I think something we should still bear in mind that the pivotal point for this bill is either in the Senate (who can either not vote on it or who can vote it down) or with the President (who can veto it and pretty be certain there will be no override).

    However, the issues that covers a whole slew of measures like this one are that

    (1) The programs they are killing (at least usually) provide long-term benefits that exceed the cost, so cutting them will hurt our long-term outlook.
    (2) The programs broadly are a moral decision. The government wants affordable access to various useful services. And sort of odd truth is that you can’t abort a fetus you don’t get, and birth control helps with the “not getting an unwanted pregnancy” issue.
    (3) Republicans aren’t really interested in giving up much of anything they care about, but they will have to.
    (4) Cutting these programs would be nowhere near enough even in the short term. The government needs to raise taxes, particularly for people and corporations who can most afford to pay them.

  • Christina

    We’re marching on Feb. 26th in DC. Go to The Young Women’s Project on Facebook for more details :-)

  • MKE

    Just made my donation to Planned Parenthood in honor of Rep. Mike Pence, who will receive an acknowledgement of the donation at his DC address. Thanks for the suggestion, Ann…. that felt good!

  • Jessica “Jess” Victoria Carillo

    Oh No they Didn’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets get physical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope this shall never pass

  • AnnaBelle

    Posted this video this morning on my facebook and got into a day long debate with a classmate. Here’s a screen cap of how it ended: