Arizona bill disallows doctors to treat those deemed undocumented.

UPDATE: This bill was pulled.

A new piece of legislation has been introduced in Arizona that would force hospitals to check the immigration status of patients. Basically, Arizona conservatives dont just hate its undocumented population, but wants to make the jobs of cops and medical professionals absolutely miserable as well.

via TPM.

SB 1405 states: “Before a hospital admits a person for nonemergency care, a hospital admissions officer must confirm that the person is a citizen of the United States, a legal resident of the United States or lawfully present in the United States.” If the hospital determines that a patient is not in the country legally, it must notify federal immigration officials. If someone determined to be an non-legal resident comes in for emergency care, the hospital must contact federal officials after “successful treatment of the patient.”

So going to the doctor when you are sick can get you reported to the feds. And in a situation where you absolutely have to go to the hospital, after you have been stabilized, you could also be reported to the feds. Hospitals have to treat people irrelevant of who they are. This measure is unethical and infringes on the ability for medical practitioners to do their jobs. And it is important to note that it is hospitals, doctors, nurses, social workers and other medical practitioners that will be penalized for providing services. Thank you Arizona conservatives for showing us the many depths of hatred in our very-much-not-so post-racial America.

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  • unequivocal

    Arizona bill disallows doctors to treat those deemed undocumented.

    I don’t understand why it is necessary to post that inaccurate statement as the title of this article, when even the brief quote you include makes it clear that the bill does nothing of the sort.

    The (proposed) bill would require doctors to notify federal immigration officials if the hospital determines that the patient was in the country illegally.

    The actual details of the proposal are horrific and offensive enough; there isn’t any need to sensationalize the issue by claiming the bill is even worse than it is.

  • Emily

    I can see this becoming a public health catastrophe, much in the same way that laws requiring doctors to report the mother to the authorities if a baby is born with drugs in its system. It’s going to result in people who need medical care not seeking it out because of the fear of being deported. It will certainly hurt the immigrant population, but it will probably have unintended consequences for legal residents as well, because if a person with an infectious disease doesn’t see a doctor and get treated, they risk spreading it to anyone they come in contact with. I’m pretty sure that most doctors are going to be pissed off at their job being interfered with as well.

  • Aaron LaMonica

    Being from Arizona, this blog stuck out to me right away. I was strongly against SB 1070 which requires local police officers to inquire about legal status. This bill seems to be a follow up to that bill. Arizona Conservatives have unfortunately been successful at creating an image of illegal immigrants as drug smugglers and pure criminals. The truth is that these are people honest people attempting to make a better life for themselves. The crimes committed by illegal immigrants has DECREASED about 20%, which is the lowest it has been in since about 1980.

    Once I read this blog, I researched a little further into the bill. The only question I have is why this blog was posted the day AFTER the bill was removed from the agenda. This seems to be continuing a discussion that we have already won and ended. Just a thought.