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And the anti-feminist bills just keep comin': Republicans in Minnesota are proposing a repeal of fair pay laws in the state. Lovely.

Do you think the ads in last night’s Super Bowl were less sexist than last year? Also check out Shelby Knox’s liveblog of the event last night.

Naomi Wolf has added a non-correction correction to her HuffPo piece about the Julian Assange allegations.

A new book divulges the story of a woman who was raped after her landlord refused to change the front door lock of her apartment building.

The well-respected and major progressive blog, Open Left, has shut down.

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  • beet

    “Meanwhile, the landlord argued that Leo was at fault because she “had let the attacker in,” even though he was holding a gun in her face. “

  • sleepybones2

    Did the Republican party hire the same marketing team that came up with “Yorkie: it’s not for girls” ?

    Why would any self-respecting woman be a part of the Republican party anymore? I was a Republican years ago because I liked the idea of smaller government, but I quit when I realized that they were too full of religious extremists and selfish idiots.

  • http://feministing.com/members/rachelsholiday/ Rachel

    Being a Minnesotan who is somewhat civically engaged, I’m not surprised the Republicans are trying to push this through. It seems to me that their solution is to just stop people from making money. They recently tried to push through a bill to make state employees take a 15% paycut. Luckily it didn’t even make it past committee. I don’t think this bill will make it through either.