Women central to Egyptian Revolution

Protesters in Egypt, woman with arms raised yelling

The news from Egypt continues to flood in as the protests continue, despite the government crackdown on internet and travel throughout the country. President Mubarak, the center of much of the criticism from the Egyptian people, will reportedly announce soon that he will not seek another term as President.

If you want to follow what’s happening in Egypt from a feminist perspective, Mona Eltahawy is your woman. Jezebel has a great feature about Mona, and you can follow her on her site and on twitter. You might also recognize her from all the US media appearances she’s been making this past week.

She’s a vocal Muslim feminist. A recent quote from her about this role:

She recently wrote, “To be a Muslim and a feminist is to stand in the crossfire and yell “Shut the f**k up!” to everyone around you because you know that anything you say can and will be used against you by everyone.”

This slideshow on Facebook has amazing photos of the women of the Egyptian revolution (picture above from this series).

UPDATE: President Mubarak has announced officially that he will not seek reelection, but has refused to step down immediately despite calls from activist and the US to do so. More updates at the BBC.

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