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Dagmar Wilson, founder of Women Strike for Peace and organizer of a 50,000 women protest against nuclear weapons in 1961, has passed away.

In Egypt, protesters are calling for a million person march tomorrow while many foreigners are being evacuated. Global Voices Online has a great round-up of videos of other nations marching in solidarity across the world.

After David Koto’s murder last week, Ugandan lesbian Brenda Namiggade has received a temporary injunction from the UK before she was about to be deported back to Uganda, where she fears for her life.

On the fight in Nebraska to breastfeed in public.

We have some awesome content on the Community blog today — including Saturday Night Live’s latest transphobia (take action here), the Texas governor’s anti-choice “emergency legislation”, and the DOD’s failure to support servicemembers who have been sexually assaulted.

Also, Sarah at Feministing Campus tells us why rape is not an “alcohol-related problem.”

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  • http://feministing.com/members/jillian/ jillian

    dont get me flippin’ started about rick perry. in his inaugral speech said:

    “As Texans, we always take care of the least among us.

    The frail, the young, the elderly on fixed incomes, those in situations of abuse and neglect, people whose needs are greater than the resources at their disposal – they can count on the people of Texas to be there for them….

    We must continue investing in our people, developing young minds, grooming and attracting the best and brightest in the fields of science and medicine, giving individuals the tools and the freedom to prosper.

    we are facing a 28billion dollar short fall and the first proposed budget decimates public school and university funding, medicaid reimbersement (texas is already 49th in the country in paybacks, anyway) and mental health funding – and he doesnt want to touch the 9billion rainy day fund.

    and his priority is making women look at a fucking sonogram and fences to nowhere keeping the brown people out.