The depressing state of graphic design among women’s organizations

Ever noticed that almost every women’s organization has some slightly different version of the same frickin’ logo? Shana Moulton did and rounded up this visual essay on it. Here’s a taste:

Frankly, I find it beyond depressing. Of course it’s natural to think of women’s bodies, particularly for organizations that are health-related, but must every one end up as some squiggle-of-dancing-feminine-curves? I also understand that a lot of people take issue with our logo, which, indeed, is a woman’s body. But in our case, I think the concept is pretty damn original–reclaiming an image that has been so patently misogynistic by arming her with a definitive point of view.

Women deserve good design too. Feel free to link to original and thoughtful logos in the comments section so we can point towards a more diversified visual language for feminist organizations.

Thanks to John for the heads up.

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