Quick hit: Santa’s elves urge repeal of discriminatory policy

A little belated holiday cheer for you. Bilerico is reporting, via a publication I don’t often read, “The North Pole Gazette,” that in the post-Christmas season, some of Santa’s elves are calling for the repeal of the workshop’s “Shut Up, Make Toys” policy.

“I didn’t like it then, and I don’t like it now,” Smizzle said, as he sat in the elf cafeteria. “I refuse to hide who I am anymore. It’s unnatural. And it makes me so cranky I hardly ever whistle while I work.”

Smizzle emphasized that, in his view, this is an issue of fundamental fairness. “I do the same high-quality work as everyone else. I work dawn to dusk like everyone else. I wear the same curly felt shoes as everyone else.

“I just happen to be gay. And that’s not something I should have to hide,” said the elf between yawns.
He added, “Bottom line, I’ve had it up to my jingle bells with this discriminatory SUMT.”

I wish Smizzle and the other workshop elves all the best in their struggle for equal rights. You can read the rest here.

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