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What We Missed

Tweet Dagmar Wilson, founder of Women Strike for Peace and organizer of a 50,000 women protest against nuclear weapons in 1961, has passed away. In Egypt, protesters are calling for a million person march tomorrow while many foreigners are being evacuated. Global Voices Online has a great round-up of videos of other nations marching in [...]
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The Struggle for Transgender and Genderqueer Legitimacy

Originally posted in Community Blog

TweetAs someone who identifies as genderqueer, I find I struggle most for legitimacy. Not just within society, but within myself. I analyze the way I feel to a large degree, and it still all seems so bizarre sometimes. The last big hurdle we face towards achieving full equality may well be that of gender identity. [...]
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The Post-DADT Battle for Trans Servicemembers

Tweet Transgender activist Autumn Sandeen stood with Dan Choi and other LGBT servicemembers outside of the White House. Via AP. Amanda Hess has an important post from last week discussing the political issues surrounding the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal and the struggle that trans servicemembers have had and are facing now that DADT is [...]
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What you can do to stop the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act

TweetIt’s on. The fight to stop the GOPs from redefining rape and further restricting abortion access is ON, and we need you to help win it. If you’re on Twitter and follow feminist folk, you’ve probably noticed the hashtag #DearJohn. It’s the creation of Sady Doyle (@sadydoyle), mastermind of the #mooreandme protest that last year [...]
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Vintage Sexism: Yesterday’s Headline Edition

Tweet This does look like it can be straight from the 50s, does it not? Including the first line of the article, “Basic ‘female’ skills are becoming endangered with fewer young women able to iron a shirt, cook a roast chicken or hem a skirt.” Well, spank me with a spatula! Who knew the state [...]
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