Miracle on 22nd Street

This video has been everywhere the past few days, but in case you missed it during holiday time and because it’s just unbelievably beautiful, here it is again:

(I haven’t been able to find a transcript for the video. If you do find one please feel free to post it in the comments.)

The moment that gets me every time I watch this video comes towards the end when Jim and Dylan are discussing the pressure of having over 400 letters and being unable to respond to all of them. Dylan questions fulfilling any letters if they can’t fulfill them all, but Jim responds that that would be like saying the world has too many problems so they shouldn’t do anything about any of them. The response just destroys me: “You don’t think about it, you just give. And that’s always been your way, and I love that about you.”

I’d just given my sister a copy of Courtney’s book Do It Anyway for Christmas before first seeing this video, and the value in the book’s title is exactly what I see here. Jim and Dylan didn’t need to take on responsibility for these letters, but they did, and because of that hundreds of children, many of whom might not have gotten anything, woke up to presents from Santa on Christmas.

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    I needed to see that. Christmas leaves me feeling very disillusioned, even more so this year. Next year I want to do something that will not only help me feel the Christmas spirit, but also helps others while doing it. I’m sick of feeling like Scrooge.

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