In mourning of Renetta Lowe AKA Magnolia Shorty

If you visited a lounge or a club this weekend and have noticed that the usual southern crowd isn’t quite getting down like they used to, it’s probably because they are still in shock from the news regarding Magnolia Shorty. Via

The shooting happened about 12:30 p.m. in the 6300 block of Bridgehampton Drive, police said. Officers found a man and a woman, 28, shot inside a car that had crashed into the gates of an apartment complex.

Additional details on the shooting were not immediately available. Both victims had been shot several times, according to police. They were dead at the scene, police said.

Many claim that Nicki Minaj’s recent stardom represents the return of women to hip hop. But the truth is, woman have always been a part of the industry, despite the fact that only a few in recent years have received mainstream recognition. Magnolia Shorty was known as the queen of bounce music and was the first woman to be signed to Cash Money Records, Lil’ Wayne’s former label. Her latest single, “My Boy” was released earlier this year. So, if you have a second and would like to celebrate this woman’s contribution to hip hop, bounce to “My Boy” in her memory.

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