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Yup, that’s a safe sex flash mob. My new favorite trend in direct actions.

Some people truly have no shame.

Former Senator Sam Nunn changes his tune on gays in the military.

A beautiful remembrance of John Lennon by Yoko Ono.

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  • Kathleen Lewis Greenwood

    I so want to commend this organisation for empowering these young people to make positive choices, and I understand that the fear of unintended teenage pregnancy and STDs as a public health issue prompts the promotion of snappy messages like this, that are memorable and easy to act on, but all I saw was a depressing banalisation of sexuality.

    The boy who said “Kids shouldn’t have kids” was right of course, and should be congratulated for his sense of responsibility, but is anyone else going to suggest that someone who considers themselves a kid (and I wouldn’t consider him to be, but that’s beside the point) ought not to be having sex?

  • Kathleen Lewis Greenwood

    I hadn’t read the post about Westboro Baptist Church when I posted the previous comment, and I have nothing remotely eloquent to say about it. I’m going to go now and bang my head against a wall a few times.

  • Mollie

    Re: Flash mob. AWESOME. Wish I had been there.
    However, I work in the women’s center at my college in NYC. We used to hand out tons of free NYC condoms, until we started getting complaints… lots of complaints, the those specific condoms are ineffective. A lot of people told us they broke. So, just a PSA for you. Get yourself some trojans or durex brand too!

  • F.Toth

    I’ve started and stopped this three times trying to brace myself for the response.

    John Lennon had beautiful messages. IN HIS MUSIC. But the man was an abusive misogynist, and I do not believe a feminist website should be celebrating his memory. The messages in the music, maybe. Not him nor his cleverly contructed revisionist happy-life.