LPGA Scraps Discriminatory “Female-at-Birth” Policy


In exciting news, ESPN reports that LPGA players have voted to remove a “female at birth” requirement from the tour’s constitution in order to allow transgender players to compete on tour!

Lana Lawless, pictured below, a former police officer and trans woman, is the badass responsible for this exciting development. She filed a federal lawsuit in San Francisco in October claiming the “female at birth” requirement violated California’s civil rights law.


According to ESPN, Lawless won the annual women’s long-drive golf championship in 2008 with a 254-yard drive, but was barred from competing this year after organizers adopted the LPGA’s gender rules.

I think this is a huge step forward in what is sure to be a much-too-long and bitter fight to end transphobia and discriminatory policies in professional sports. Congratulations to Lana Lawless, and to the entire LPGA for making their league a bit more inclusive.

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