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Where’s the Burlesque in “Burlesque”?

TweetDisclaimer: I generally enjoy cheesy dance movies. And although I don’t spoil a lot of this highly complex plot, I do give information about the movie’s narrative. Let me also say that I also love me some Cher. So be forewarned. Now we have some context for this review of “Burlesque,” the new movie with [...]
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Making a personal choice at the expense of other women

TweetIn a recent New York Times article, For Russia’s Poor, Blond Hair is Snippet of Gold, we learn about the international market for blonde hair: …on a lane where geese waddle through muddy puddles, a brick building holds crate upon crate of this region’s one precious harvestable commodity: human hair, much of it naturally blond. [...]
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What if we had stood up to the TSA before?

TweetPeople are in an uproar about the new TSA full body scanners and invasive searches. And for good reason, as myself and many others believe they constitute an invasion of bodily autonomy and a form of sexual harassment. But I have to wonder if we would be here today if this much noise had been [...]
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Women architects say, “Here we are.”

Tweet When you’re not a superhero on a special mission, it really sucks to be invisible. Young feminists know the feeling–exhausted as we blog, organize, and honor our elders, only to hear the  oft repeated lament of older women: “There are no young feminists out there! Why are they so afraid of the F-word?” Or [...]
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Not Oprah’s Book Club: Traveling with Pomegranates

TweetThis travel memoir, co-authored by mother and daughter, is undeniably beautiful, but also a few metaphors and flowery descriptions beyond authentic. It falls squarely in the new camp of writers following in Elizabeth Gilbert’s footsteps to take messy transition and reorder it into compelling, albeit disingenuous, narrative. Change, in my experience, doesn’t happen in three [...]
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