Future house majority leader John Boehner meets with anti-abortion extremists

Randall Terry and crew meeting with John Boehner
Digby has the scoop that future House Majority Leader Rep John Boehner (R-OH) recently made time to meet with Randall Terry. Randall Terry is the man behind the violently anti-choice Operation Rescue, known by many as a domestic terrorist, and has repeatedly and publicly called for violence against abortion providers and clinic staff.

I’ve been on a few lobby visits to the Hill myself, and never have I had the pleasure of an actual audience with a Representative. The fact that Rep. Boehner, future Republican leader of the House, would make the time to sit down with such extremists is appalling. I can only imagine what’s to come from his leadership next year.

Nancy Keenan sums it up:

“In the Boehner-led House, having a miles-long rap sheet calling for violence against abortion providers and their patients gets you an invitation to meet with the incoming speaker’s staff…The Randall Terry meeting signifies that, when it comes to listening to the most extreme elements of the anti-choice movement, Boehner is all ears.”

I’ll leave you with what Terry left Rep. Boehner at the end of their visit together (via Think Progress):

picture of fetus doll on top of signed decree

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