Women architects say, “Here we are.”


When you’re not a superhero on a special mission, it really sucks to be invisible. Young feminists know the feeling–exhausted as we blog, organize, and honor our elders, only to hear the  oft repeated lament of older women: “There are no young feminists out there! Why are they so afraid of the F-word?” Or how many times do we have to hear a conference planner explain that the reason there weren’t more people of color on panels was because s/he didn’t know where to find them (as if people of color are all hiding out in some obscure location)?

In any case, female architects know this strange state all to well and they’re collectively standing up to do something about it. Check out the new website where they are gathering and sharing their insights and stories. They explain:

This is the response to anyone who says “Good women architects/critics/jurors/designers are hard to find.” Here we are.

It’s easy – post a name, city, and short recommendation of a woman you know as a comment. Send it on to other men or women you admire and ask them to add women they admire.

As women, we’ve all been asked to participate in an architecture or design event “because they need women.” Women may still be a minority in the architectural profession, but there are plenty of smart, talented women architects and designers in our midst. Let’s make them known.

The field only currently has 13.3% women, so another big goal is to figure out what the pipeline issues really are that are keeping women from pursuing architecture degrees and then registration (a lengthy and arduous process in most states). For now, let’s make sure the 13.3% are known, utilized, and given the opportunities they deserve.

If not architects, specifically, there is another great program that support people from all backgrounds working around issues affecting the built environment. It’s called the Loeb Fellowship, and it allows someone time and space for a year of learning at Harvard. If you know an amazing woman or person of color, share their name in comments. Or, better yet, apply yourself!

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