What We Missed

File this under badass: Apparently Sarah Palin took notice of Jess’s Washington Post op-ed on fake feminists. She quotes Jess in her forthcoming book.

Recommendation letters may be costing women opportunities.

A sex worker speaks out about her experiences at Good Men Project Magazine: “The more men I talked to, the more sympathetic I felt. I was approaching the biggest epiphany of my life: men had as much anxiety and shame around sex as women did. We were all in this together, and any ideology that couldn’t admit as much was doomed to fail.”

Read about girls and women’s empowerment programs in India via this new report out by the American Jewish World Service.

UNIFEM (part of UN Women) just launched a new program, Safe Cities, in five cities around the world. Each will test new strategies to stop epidemic rates of violence against women and girls in urban areas.

Read up on what it means to be a “pleasure activist” with the always amazing Adrienne Maree Brown.

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