Enough talk on body image. Let’s take action.

What is one bold action that could make the world truly value the diversity of women and girls’ bodies?

I don’t know. I’ve got ideas…launch a consumer campaign against crappy media, for example, or re-imagine health curriculum in public schools so that it reflects accurate physiological realities (unlike reality television craziness like Biggest Loser). More widespread media literacy would be great, as would funding for eating disorder prevention and treatment across the economic spectrum. But I suspect you’ve got some even more interesting ideas, and I want to hear them.

In fact, the leading U.S. advocates on body image want to hear them. Enter the LOVED BODIES, BIG IDEAS Contest. All of the BIG IDEAS will be considered by a team of expert judges and the three most thrilling and original ones will be chosen as winners. These winners will be invited to present their ideas in 10-minute presentations at the Endangered Species Summit in March of 2011 in New York City in front of a power-packed audience of media representatives, philanthropists, public intellectuals, activists, therapists, and more. It is our hope that the energy in the room will propel these ideas into real, bonafide action!

All travel and accommodations for the three BIG IDEAS winners will be covered by The Women’s Therapy Centre Institute.

Note: if you don’t win, your idea will not go to waste! All of the BIG IDEAS submitted will be included in our online idea gallery as a resource for body image advocates across the world.

To submit to the contest, please email a 500 word (maximum) BIG IDEA essay to Contest Manager, Shirley Kailas: shirley.kailas_at_gmail.com by December 1, 2010, 6:00 pm. Please Include your name, age, email, phone #, and any organizational affiliation you have on the top of the page.

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