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This week is Transgender Awareness week, with organizations around the country hosting events to bring light to trans issues. It concludes on Saturday with the Trans Day of Remembrance, a day meant to commemorate all the trans lives lost to hate, violence and intolerance.

Fred Goldhaber, the first teacher at the Harvey Milk School for gay and lesbian students, passed away on Monday. Harvey Milk was the first school established specifically to provide a safe environment to gay and lesbian students, founded in NYC in 1985.

What’s the first vote ordered by the GOP since the election? An attempt to defund NPR, which failed. (via Amanda Terkel)

A 14 year old student defended his teacher, who was suspended for disciplining an anti-gay student, at a school board meeting. The video is really inspiring.

Jenn Pozner breaks down how reality TV rewrites gender roles in On the Issue Magazine.

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