Daddy I Do: Documentary on Purity Balls and Abstinence-Only Culture

Via Jessica, it looks like there is a newish documentary on Purity Balls and abstinence-only programs — and lawdy, does it look compelling. It’s been screened thus far at a number of film festivals, winning a ton of awards. Let’s hope it really exposes the dangerous and shaming consequences that abstinence-only programs and purity-pushing has on young people — particularly girls.

Approximate transcript below the jump.

The Chastity Industrial Complex
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The Purity Myth

“I pledge my purity to my father, my future husband and my career…”

It’s like a wedding, but with a twist…where a dad gets in a tuxedo and the daughter gets in a gown..

She’s daddy’s little girl there to take a vow of chastity…

It’s a creation of the conservative Christian movement in America.

Whoever came up with the name, “Purity Balls”…

There’s a lot of funding for abstinence programs. There are a lot of organizations who will go to schools and say, “We will come into your school and we will implement an abstinence program and it will cost you nothing. We will bring in all the materials and the training and it will cost you nothing. And schools think that’s great and invite them in.

The ultimate goal of the silver ring thing is to help teenagers find Christ and end up in heaven. Christian kids are coming anyway..that’s not hard, it’s their friends who we want to reach.

You believe what you believe…the question is, should your belief should be the — of the law?

It’s condoms versus abstinence, that’s what it’s about. It’s the argument.

If you were to do sex safely, it’s premeditated.

Sex prior to marriage is a sin, so why are we telling young people how to protect themselves in sin?

I wouldn’t tell my daughter to use a condom in a sex act.

That’s frightening. That’s truly frightening.

It doesn’t matter if you get married at 18 or get married at 28, it’s, “Don’t have sex don’t have sex don’t have sex — wedding, have sex, you are free to do anything you want.”

You’re looking for this knight in shining armor…

I would have never ever ever thought that that would have happened to me.

You wonder, “Am I going to be punished for this?”

Once the baby is out of the womb, where is the Right to Life movement?

I was pregnant, living in my car, pregnant with my youngest son…

It was all based on fear, it was all a lie.

How is it possible that you as a parent do not know this?

I’m shocked that something so archaic could still be pushed as an agenda. He does not own me.

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