The Obama’s boogie-down diplomacy

There is so damn much to love about this moment, starting with the fact that Michelle Obama, and to a lesser extent, her partner, Mr. President, seem willing to take a risk on being spontaneous and playful at a time when the media landscape is packed with pundits waiting to pounce on every breath they take. I’m sure there are a dozen different ways that someone trying to fill 24 hours of news might twist this wonderful moment into something else. But no matter. The First Lady embraces the opportunity for exchange through dance, with a big smile on her face. As they say, “You can’t fake the funk,” and First Lady Obama has got it aplenty.

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  • Shannon Drury

    I love my FLOTUS.

  • Matt

    Interestingly, The Colbert Report described the dancing in this way:

    “And while in India, [Barack Obama] has decided to make conservative voters more comfortable with him by dancing like a white man.”

    So, how about the green energy research and development center the US and India are setting up?

  • Avian Weiswerda

    Great. Feminsting focuses on the dancing and not on the great and most likely grave implications of this trip. Obama quoted Ghandi, but he was met by the executives of Boeing at the airport. Obama talks about humanitarian aid and yet the only trade going down is weapons deals (India is one of the largest consumers of weapons) and motorcycle production for the bourgeois. Glad India’s has turned into a neoliberal capitalist state and no one seems to care.

  • Amy Hanna

    Loved it! Nicely done by both.