Granato and James

First women inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame

US hockey player Cammi Granato and Canadian player Angela James are the first women to ever be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

“For women in hockey – and I’d say probably for women in all sports – you’re used to waiting, you’re used to proving yourself, you’re used to the naysayers,” said Granato. “There will be some catching up to do in terms of inductions, because women’s hockey has been played for a long time now – and even before the international game and the Olympics came into being, there were a lot of women who were contributing to the game.”

Granato and James

Via The Hockey News

“(The Hall of Fame honors) is a great sign we’re being acknowledged,” Granato said. “It’s a major stepping stone, a recognition that our sport belongs, that women belong, that there’s a place for us. It’s huge.”

Congrats to Cammi and Angela!

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