What We Missed

Check out Sarah Lawrence’s awesome online magazine, RE/VISIONIST. It was created by the Women’s History graduate students and the latest issue includes everything from an economic analysis of multinational corporations to a look at racial difference among women historians. They take submissions, too.

Is the #ihadanabortion handle an effective way to de-stigmatize abortion?

The white guy wins WaPo’s Next Great American Pundit Contest. Again.

Turns out that corporations represented by the S&P 100 index aren’t doing so well on getting women and people of color into clout positions. Shocker. Read the comprehensive report here.

Rebecca Traister on the implications of the midterm election for women.

Read Latoya on the realness that is making a living while blogging.

Dana Goldstein assesses our first female speaker of the house.

If you’re in the NYC-area, go to Bluestockings tonight to hear Jennifer Pozner read from her new book, Reality Bites Back.

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