Still looking for Halloween costume ideas?

Last year Ann posted some amazing non-sexist, non-racist Halloween costume ideas. I’m reviving the tradition with today’s post, which includes all of Ann’s suggestions from last year, with a few updates.

2010 edition:

(Warning, I’m not as funny as Ann, but I will try my best)

Constance McMillen (she was the star lesbian youth activist this year, and what better way to commemorate her?)

Constance wearing a rainbow sash

Needed: Rainbow sash, large dark wig, serious bravery. Alternative: Tux to dress as she would have, if she could have gone to prom (like this maybe).
Related ideas
: Any of the brave young LGBTQ folks who tried to go to prom, or be elected prom king/queen this year.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga with long blonde hair, glasses and red leotard like thing

Needed: Big sunglasses, long blonde wig, spandex, patterned stockings
Related ideas
: Madonna

Mad Men Cast (Group idea!)
Photo of entire cast of mad men

Needed: 60s style clothing, cut-throat attitude, skinny tie, (fake) cigarette, booze in glass on ice
: Cast of Glee, Lost, Weeds

America Ferrara as Dolores Huerta (idea via Bitch Magazine)

America Ferrara holding up a

Needed: Plaid shirt, blue jeans, cardboard with “Huelga” written on it
: Angela Davis, Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug

Rachel Maddow
Maddow at Jay Leno, cowboy shirt and glasses

Needed: Big black glasses, short wig, cowboy shirt
: A slightly more femme version of Maddow (ala TV show), sans glasses, add lip gloss and women’s blazer

For more ideas, check out the #feministhalloween hashtag on twitter.

After the jump we’ve got Ann’s awesome ideas from last year, with a few updates.

Post your costume ideas in comments, including instructions on putting them together.

Ann’s suggestions from 2009:

Every year we read about the worst sexist and racist Halloween costumes. And get really angry or bummed out about what should be a fun excuse to play dress-up.

So let’s discuss some alternatives, shall we? Most of these ideas can be thrown together last-minute — because how many of us really plan our costumes that far in advance? (Warning: Some ideas may contain shoulder pads.)

Radical, Militant Librarian

Need: Books, beret, sash, “shushing” skills.
Related ideas: Radical Doula (heeeyyy Miriam!), Radical Cheerleader, Radical Zombie

The Ghost of Health Care Bills Past The Public Option

Need: White sheet, stethoscope
Related ideas: Ghost of Single-Payer (2010 addition), Ghost of Immigration Reform Bills Past, Ghost of Equal Rights Amendments Past. (Or apparently, given the image I’ve selected, Ghosts of Stevie Nicks Past.)

A Photoshop Disaster

Need: A t-shirt with a body drawn on it that’s less than half the size of your own. Or something (Haven’t really figured out how to make this one work yet…)
Related ideas: This is part of the grand Halloween tradition of just drawing some shit on a T-shirt… Could also be done with a Death Becomes Her Halloweeny twist.

Kanye West

Need: These, microphone, and a willingness to repeatedly make the “Imma let you finish” joke.
Related ideas: Taylor Swift (Couple costume!)

Nancy Pelosi

Need: Suit (preferably w/ skirt, not pants), gavel, shades, funky-but-understated jewelry.
Related ideas: Condi Rice, Hillary Clinton.

Dolly Parton

Need: Blonde wig, lots of sequins, guitar, falsies.
Related ideas: Leslie Hall

John Waters

Need: Garish-patterned suit jacket, drawn-on thin mustache, bowtie, drag-queen pals.
Related ideas: A dandy, Steve Buscemi (but only if you’ve got the looks for it.)

Judy the Talking Embryo

Need: Garbage bag, helium (to either inflate the bag or inhale to make your voice embyro-like). More info here.
Related ideas: Betty the Talking Blastocyst, Ollie the Talking Ovum.

Rickie Vasquez (from My So-Called Life)

Need: Drum-major jacket, hair gel, earring, shoulder pads, a buddy to go as Angela Chase.
Related ideas: Thriller-era Michael Jackson, actual drum major

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Need: Lacy neckerchief thing, black robe, clip-on earrings, bun, glasses.
Related ideas: Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan (2010 addition)

Heathers (Group idea!)

Need: Blazer with serious shoulder pads, croquet mallet, AquaNet, white tights.
Related ideas: 90210 (the original, obvs)

Richard Simmons

Need: Short track shorts, curly wig, thick white socks, tank top.
Related ideas: Evil aerobic clown

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

Need: Fur, face paint, friends who like 30 Rock and will get the joke once you start singing.
Related ideas: Vampire Bar Mitzvah, Goblin Bar Mitzvah

Bea Arthur (RIP! This is an in-memoriam costume idea, one that I will probably use this year.)

Need: Gray wig and/or curling iron and gray spray-in hair color, a serious silk tracksuit, shoulder pads. Gratefulness for being a friend.
Related ideas: Other Golden Girls, obvs.

Last-minute cop-outs:
Shark: Tape a cardboard fin to your back
Unicorn: Tape a cardboard cone to your forehead
Narwhal: Tape a skinnier cardboard cone to your forehead.

Other costume ideas? C’mon I know you’ve got some good ones, so leave them in comments (including instructions on how to put it together).

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