Keep Nancy Goldstein in the running to be WaPo’s Next Great Pundit!

A few weeks ago, I noted that the finalists in WaPo’s competition, in which first prize is a spot on the paper’s op-ed page for several weeks, were rather pale and male.

Now, the contest is down to the final four (two men, two women, all four of whom are white) and it’s time to cast your vote! I’m voting for Nancy Goldstein, a journalist who writes with insight and intelligence about class, race, gender and LGBT issues, among a host of others.

Voting is elimination style, so you’re voting to keep Goldstein on (which means you need to vote to eliminate one of the other four contestants). You can read Nancy’s fantastic writing here and vote to keep her in the running here. Voting closes at 6pm EST TODAY, so don’t put it off!

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