WTFS of the Day: Obama and “Illegal Alien” Halloween Costumes


And by WTFS, I mean this as an even more alarming WTF: “What The Fucking Shit.”

Yes, it’s true that Halloween brings out some of the most offensive costumes you could imagine — it’s like the holiday gives folks the opportunity to be openly bigoted — but this site in particular brings out some of the most disturbing stuff I’ve seen. Between this “Illegal Alien” costume (along with the Obama mask, of course), the “Super Hoops Afro Star Basketball Player” and, I shit you not, a “Berka” costume, it’s more than enough to make one seethe.

I couldn’t find a contact for the site, but I did find that they are an eBay “Powerseller.” So why not contact eBay and let them know that allowing the sale of this kind of racist and xenophobic garbage is just not okay.

P.S. On a bit of a more positive note, at least Kohl’s ended up pulling its “ghetto fab” wig from its online site last week. Sigh.

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