What We Missed

Here’s a preview of the documentary narrated by Rachel Maddow, “The Assassination of Dr. Tiller,” which airs on Monday, October 25th at 9 pm Eastern.

The Obama Administration released a report today on the recession’s impact on women.

Really, guys? AP asks: “Will straight and gay troops have to shower next to one another?”

NPR has fired their senior news analyst Juan Williams for making anti-Muslim remarks on Fox News.

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  • http://feministing.com/members/toongrrl/ Jessica “Jess” Victoria Carillo

    I can’t wait to watch the documentary and hear Rachel’s voice narrate.

  • http://feministing.com/members/kleenexmcadams/ Jennie

    So when I was reading about the whole gays and straights showering thing, I was like “That’s so stupid! They already shower together.” Then I had a convo with my brain. (Me=straight, cis female for reference)

    Brain: “Would you be comfortable showering with lesbians?”
    Me: “I think so. As comfortable as I could possibly be in public showers.”
    Brain: “Would you be comfortable showering with a bunch of men?”
    Me: “………”

    Not saying it’s a reason to be a homophobe, or not repeal DADT, or keep them from showering together. Just that, on some level, I think I get it.

    • http://feministing.com/members/kaelin/ Matt

      The common theme seems to be a of fear men with a potential sexual interest — they are taken to be more threatening (or more accurately: potentially more threatening) than such women. I think we may do well to focus on that broader issue instead, especially since men attracted to men, the issue of concern to men, are really just the tip of the “male iceberg” — most of what is underneath and some of what is above is a concern for women. We don’t have men and women in the same showers or similar positions as much, but it would seem that many women are in at least as vulnerable of positions on a regular basis (if for no other reason than sheer numbers), especially women in male-dominated fields (like the military).