New anti-choice Tea Party ad makes me want to leave the country

You know, I would usually be against giving any attention to an ad of such complete deceit and shamelessness, but I honestly think the severity of the video calls for it.

Obama as the Angel of Death and the Joker? Come on guys, pick one scurry villain and stick with it! Seriously though, as preposterous as this ad is (um, that baby at the end made me nearly spit out my coffee), it’s also completely terrifying to think of the extreme lengths and blatant lies that these folks will make to get their message across. Again, the Angel of Death? Really?

What’s truly evil at hand here is that Colorado’s “Personhood” Amendment 62 would go as far as to force women to bear their rapists’ children (not excluding incest). Certain forms of birth control would be illegal. RH Reality Check has more on what effects the amendment would actually have, and why its so necessary to keep it from becoming law. So if you’re in Colorado, for the love of your bodily rights (or of your loved ones’), spread the word and vote no on 62. After all, do you really want these people having control over your uterus? I didn’t think so.

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