New anti-choice Tea Party ad makes me want to leave the country

You know, I would usually be against giving any attention to an ad of such complete deceit and shamelessness, but I honestly think the severity of the video calls for it.

Obama as the Angel of Death and the Joker? Come on guys, pick one scurry villain and stick with it! Seriously though, as preposterous as this ad is (um, that baby at the end made me nearly spit out my coffee), it’s also completely terrifying to think of the extreme lengths and blatant lies that these folks will make to get their message across. Again, the Angel of Death? Really?

What’s truly evil at hand here is that Colorado’s “Personhood” Amendment 62 would go as far as to force women to bear their rapists’ children (not excluding incest). Certain forms of birth control would be illegal. RH Reality Check has more on what effects the amendment would actually have, and why its so necessary to keep it from becoming law. So if you’re in Colorado, for the love of your bodily rights (or of your loved ones’), spread the word and vote no on 62. After all, do you really want these people having control over your uterus? I didn’t think so.

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  • emess

    What the ASS? I don’t know what I enjoyed more: the men in black robes who are plotting to take down the country, or the idea that somehow the “pro-abortion” lobby was actually influencing policy. I wish.

  • Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz

    I don’t care if I pull a Godwin here, I’ll say it. That teabagger propaganda had all the scare tactics and hyperbole of an old Nazi propaganda reel. I can barely believe this is them being straightforward and not a clever piece of satire, right down to the use of the hammer and sickle in “Obama Care”. I can’t believe I was complaining on here about misogynists’ tired old “make me a sandwich” trope. If this is what they come up with when they stray from that, it’s even more mornic!

  • Jess

    The goal of this amendment and the disgusting tactics employed by this ad are shameful. The links that you included to the discussion of other harmful effects of Amendment 62 provide crucial information. All of this alone is clearly sufficient reason to vote against the amendment. But one thing to note even beyond the harmful anti-choice goal of this amendment is that the way that it is worded is incredibly problematic legally. It wouldn’t just pave the way to limiting access to abortion, other reproductive care, and general health care for pregnant women. It would also create huge legal headaches in areas that have absolutely nothing to do with reproductive freedom, such as property rights and inheritance law. The effects of this could be incredibly far-reaching, much beyond the intent even of its creators.

  • Jessica “Jess” Victoria Carillo

    They made a mistake trying to convince people to vote for the tea party: Obama as Joker=Heath Ledger. I’ll let that one sit.

  • Shelley Schreiner

    Hey all, I’m the Field Director for the NO on 62 campaign in Colorado, and I just wanted to thank the Feministing folks for posting this and let you know that even if you aren’t in Colorado you can help out! We’re making calls to make sure that voters get out to the polls and vote no, and we can use all the help we can get — and anyone can participate! Email me if you want more info at shelley [at] 62voteno [dot] org. It’s critical we defeat this in Colorado so we can discourage other states from following suit.

  • jillian

    did they the really use that ‘hell yeah baby’ meme in their ad?

  • Maya Jenkins

    There are no words which can adequately express the sheer contempt that this “ad” managed to evoke in me. I would have spit, but the bile rising in my throat would have corroded like acid if it were to touch the screen.

  • Mrowr

    Not sure if I should be banging my head against the wall because there are people who actually believe that drivel, or laugh at the ridiculousness of the video!

  • Kristin

    I’m from Colorado and this law terrifies me! The website even tries to argue that having an IUD is actually abortion, meaning that I would be considered a criminal. It scares me that this amendment even got on the ballot.

  • Hannah Y

    Obama took over our “heathcare”? Now I get the Obama = Joker = Heath Ledger thing.

  • Matt

    “New anti-choice Tea Party ad makes me want to leave the country”

    This may sound cliche, but I hold it to be true: Don’t even think about leaving (and think for a moment they should have this country any more than you)… or the terrorists win. Unless, of course, you have to make a tactical retreat (like to leave the state/country for a while to take care of some stuff you can’t do where you live), but that’s a whole different issue.

  • natasha

    Wait, this is specifically a tea party ad, not a republican one? I seem to remember a representative of them saying that the tea party was strictly on fiscal issues, not social. Pretty ridiculous. I’m not entirely sure what all of this law entails: is it true they actually don’t want pregnant women with cancer to get chemotherapy because she might miscarry? If so, if a woman does get chemotherapy, and she miscarries, do they want her to be charged with murder? Please if someone can, answer my question.

  • Caitlin Ryan

    i am truly terrified for the women of Colorado first, and our nation second. this would set a terrible precedence across the country, its a scary line to cross. the link attached that directed to rachel maddows response was brilliant. she brought up the point “what happens if you miscarry, is that involuntary manslaughter?”. (i adore her!). the value of an unborn “baby” (not fetus) as they call it, or even the POTENTIAL fetus as with the issue of certain forms of birth control, is more than that of the women who is carrying or MAY carry said fetus.

    so, in lehmans terms, i dont even have the right to decide not to have a child period. i have no choice if i want to have sex but to risk getting pregnant? no pill? whats next, no condoms?

    additionally, i am extremely offended by the slander of Obama. agree with him or not, this man is our president. he deserves the respect due to someone who holds that title. the fear mongering is abhorrent.