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Vote for National Conference for Media Reform Panel: Beyond Pronouns

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The National Conference for Media Reform is asking folks to vote for their favorite panels to decide what will make the final cut.

After participating in a panel at the Women Action and Media Conference two years ago about Gender, Non-conformity and the Media that was really well received, Jaclyn from WAM and Kate Bovitch decided to recreate that panel for NCMR this spring, with a tweaked agenda and speaker list. If we get chosen, I’ll be participating in it once again. In the broader context of media reform, it’s really crucial to talk about the trans and gender non-conforming community and how we can improve media representation and participation.

Beyond Pronouns: Representing Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Identities and Communities

This panel seeks to spark conversations around trans and gender-nonconforming representation in media with the goal to develop informed allies within media who can help create more responsible, varied, and nuanced portrayals of trans and gender-nonconforming individuals and communities. The discussion is designed to educate journalists and media makers on successes and missteps when writing about trans-identified and gender-nonconforming people, provide a basic introduction to terminology and style issues, and explore the intensely narrow lens which focuses on specific individuals rather than issues, like violence, that affect entire communities. We will provide attendees with handouts which include basic information about gender non-conformity, gender transition, terminology, and transgender identities. In addition, we will provide a simple primer for journalists about ethical and responsible treatment of trans and gender-nonconforming people. We hope that audience members will leave having been challenged and are the ready to take action by creating more dialogue in their communities and their media.

I’d really love to bring this important conversation to NCMR this year. If you have a minute, we could really use your support via votes for our panel.

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