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A needed, nuanced take on the queer suicides.

Juhu Thukral on why we have to put an end to “the old two steps forward and one step back machinations” in politics.

Citigroup used recession to fire women.

Experts are discussing the interplay between culture and class again. Ya think?

There were 379 class boycotts and other student protests in France in support of labor strikes.

Shelby writes: “I’d take a coven of witches any day over Christine O’Donnell and her gang of Christian extremists who want to make our right to real sexual health and reproductive freedom go ‘poof.'”

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  • http://feministing.com/members/athenia/ athenia

    I really disagree with the queer suicide article. This isn’t the Oppression Olympics. Understandably, for some queer youth, immigration and economic opportunities may be higher on their list—-but to say *that* was the magic bullet, that wouldn’t explain why the queer suicides that have been highlighted recently are white boys who seemingly have good economic opportunities. There have been some brutal attacks recently in NYC that involved POC–their immigration status didn’t mean jack shit to their attackers, but what mattered was if they were gay.

    DADT and gay marriage may not be magic bullets, but people when people know that have queer friends and family, that DOES make a difference—which is why repealing DADT and gay marriage are so important.

  • http://feministing.com/members/azure156/ Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz

    Yeah, I’d take witches, Wiccan or otherwise, over O’Donnell any day of the week too. Most people I’ve encountered in our local Pagan community don’t share her intolerant views of reproductive rights and human sexuality. But then again, O’Donnell’s never elaborated on what her “dabbling in witchcraft” entailed. Probably the time she bought a pentagram necklace and a heavy metal record at the mall to piss off her Mom.