New investigative series looks into movement behind abortion as black genocide claims

Abortion Conspiracy exposes the attacks on the human rights of Black women by conservatives using Black fronts. GritTV, hosted by Laura Flanders, has partnered with STV Productions, SisterSong, Trust Black Women, Mary Wohlford Foundation, and the Anderson Rogers Foundation to premiere the first of a five-part series featuring Abortion Conspiracy.

These folks have teamed up on this new documentary series about the movement behind the racist and anti-choice advertising campaigns claiming that abortion is equivalent to black genocide.

GRITtv has the first extended installment of this investigative series.

Transcript for promo video after the jump.


An attack is ratcheting up against women’s reproductive freedom with an insidious campaign against women of color.

They are going to try to raise hell with this kind of campaign.

Right wing anti-abortion protestors are pushing a conspiracy theory that abortion in the African American community is genocide.

They targeted black people and they made a concerted effort because they want to get rid of black people.

That’s a lie. They don’t care what happens to the child once the child gets here.

They are doing it with a spreading billboard campaign.

This billboards were funded by primarily white people.

A series of pro-life freedom rides.

They’re biggest calling card is shame.

And a documentary.

They are certainly promoting black faces but who is really behind them is the radical religious right.

A special series investigates these charges. Whose behind them and where the money is coming from.

It’s a group of wealthy white men trying to make black women feel ashamed about our choices.

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  • Jen Henry

    “They targeted black people and they made a concerted effort because they want to get rid of black people.”
    I cannot help but juxtapose this with the practice of “Mississippi appendectomies” – hysterectomies performed on Black women without their knowledge or consent. Both have the effect of preventing a Black woman from giving birth. Doctors who performed these hysterectomies obviously target Black people. Where is the outrage and protest in the streets about that? Why are abortions bad but forced sterilization okay? Or at least not worth discussing? This is not about helping Black people. At least some degree of choice goes into having an abortion. Women who experienced force sterilization had no choice. That is not to say we should not consider some of the structural factors (e.g. poverty) that lead women to “choose” abortion. We should. But we should never take away Black women’s agency. The removal of a group’s agency will never empower the group.

    • Jessica “Jess” Victoria Carillo

      I feel you, I do agree there is also a hidden agenda. Believe me, when I was in the anti-choice movement (I was a teenager!) I saw this kind of shit in pamphlets. Some people say there’s proof of it because most clinics are located in minority neighborhoods, although I can’t help but note that if a clinic were built in an affluent or basic middle-class suburb that there would be a lot of shit hitting the fan.