Fort Worth, TX Councilmember Tells GLBT Kids “It Gets Better”

Joel Burns is my new hero. At this Tuesday’s Fort Worth City Council meeting, Burns used his platform as a councilmember to tell his story for the first time, and to express what he wished he was able to show all of the GLBT youth — and the 13-year old boy he once was — feeling hurt and alone out there. It’s truly touching and I just had to share. (It’s a long one but completely worth it.)

P.S. Take out your hankies.

h/t to Sarah. Searching for a transcript.

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  • Jessica “Jess” Victoria Carillo

    Oh my God, he was so brave telling the story and that he spilled his emotions out. It’s a great day for GLBT youth.

  • fyoumudflaps

    That was truly a moving speech. More politicians like him are needed.

  • Lindsay

    What a beautiful statement by Joel Burns. As an educator, I struggle every day with the common perception among teens that it’s OK to use language that is insulting and demeaning toward the LGBT community. His statement gets right to the heart of why it’s dangerous to tolerate such intolerant behaviors. I’m so impressed by the courage and strength it must have taken for him to talk publicly about such personal information. But I’m sure there are many teens our there who are grateful that he did.