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switcheroo by hana.

The maker of the new “female viagra” pill is no longer pursuing FDA approval.

Is It Sex? A helpful flowchart from Autostraddle.

As the Afghan government negotiates with the Taliban, women’s rights are at risk.

Why Did She Wait So Long? Later Abortions and the Implications of the New Nebraska Ban

Liz Phair on 90s nostalgia.

The New York City Council considers a paid sick leave bill.

Birth control changes women’s brain chemistry.

On the male protagonist’s perspective in Catfish. (spoilers!)

Time To Start Thinking About Trans Senior Issues.

Betsy Reed and Rebecca Traister talk about women, politics, and the 2008 election.

A column about women and fighting.

Katha Pollitt responds to Susan Faludi about young feminists.

A new movie is inspired by Constance McMillan’s story.

The “bankrupt culture” at the Tribune  Company included a healthy dose of sexism.

Shark-Fu on the Westboro Baptist free-speech case before the Supreme Court.

New data on poverty demographics.

Google Instant won’t show results for “Latina.”

Muslimah Media Watch on the campaign by a group called NiqaBitch against the French head-scarf ban.

Is there such thing as the “art of womanliness“?

An NYC corrections guard was arrested on charges he assaulted an inmate who is a trans woman. Cara writes, “rape is an enormous problem for all inmates in U.S. jails and prisons throughout the country, but specific manifestations of oppression ensure that trans women are among the most vulnerable of inmate populations.”

Mad Men does not have a race problem. We do.”

Starbucks in DC makes its bathrooms gender-neutral — but has no plans to expand the policy beyond the District.

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