What We Missed: Community blog edition

We’ve had some great content over at the community blog this week, so I’m focusing this WWM on posts you might have missed over there.

Justin Sherwood shares his own freshman year coming out tale, in honor of Tyler Clementi.

Martha and Maya respond to The Social Network.

Marisaao points out that homophobic bullying happens in Canada too.

The ACLU asks When Will California Stop Shackling Pregnant Women?

Arielle Cohen responds to the newest breast cancer awareness meme: I like it…

Tracey’s got a great response to Tea Party member Christine O’Donnell’s “I’m you” campaign.

And then two non-community blog things to check out:

Jessica’s got a great piece in the Nation about conservative’s claiming feminism. Check it out.

I wrote an article for The Frisky about being a doula and why you should consider having one if you give birth, in honor of National Midwifery Week.

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